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Mr Walkercrop

I was telling a friend how glad I am to bank with MembersFirst. Everything is so easy, MembersFirst has it going on!


~ Eric & Shunda

We would like to take this time to say MembersFirst Credit Union (of Georgia) has outstanding customer service. We went in on a days notice and expressed our need to refinance our cars, and they had the right product for us. We received fast and friendly communication and great new low rates.Thanks again


Dorothy J.

Initially the credit union declined me for an auto loan so I prayed about the situation and decided to send an email as to why. I was surprised that I got a response. I really did not expect any follow up but I did want to explain why I wanted to get this loan for a new vehicle…. I never expected anyone to even respond to my email in the first place and I thought if someone did the final answer would still be that I’m denied. The loan officer was very straightforward. I am so thankful that my credit union responded and even agreed to review the loan request again… I also got some contacts to help me try to find a vehicle within my price range…I now have a newer used vehicle that is not only dependable but stylish.

It’s “official”…I’m a member of the “in” crowd! (it’s about time) #TeamMembersFirst! I just wanted to email to personally say thank you to both of you ladies for your assistance yesterday. We are now able to assist our parents with some home improvements and my brother is on his way to rebuilding his credit. Kim, you are amazing! You were very thorough and upfront, and even offered financial advice to assist us yesterday. I appreciate your patience as well, seeing that we took up your WHOLE morning. 😀 Kim along with everyone in the facility was hospitable; I simply felt welcomed. Jennifer, thank you for continuously “encouraging” me to join MembersFirst. Your persistence paid off! I also appreciate you connecting me with Kim at such a short notice. We were able to get business taken care of in a swift manner! Again, thank you, thank you, thank! MembersFirst Rocks! Tanga

~T. Ford

Thank you so much for your department’s diligence in protecting your customers. This is why we still bank with MembersFirst even after we’ve moved out of state. Again, we truly appreciate it!

~   Cindy & Jimmy

For over 20 years, I have benefited by the very competitive rates that I have had on auto, home mortgage and personal loans. The one benefit that stands out foremost in my mind is the fact that members receive personal attention when they walk in. I would have to say that no other bank remotely close to the benefits that our own personal Credit Union has to offer!

~   Mike Newberry

I have been a credit union member since 1983. I have enjoyed every time I walk through that credit union door, there’s a smiling face and even a “ray of sunshine” The employees are always so helpful and will assist in whatever you need. It’s a pleasure being a credit union member.

~  Linda Fisher