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Mobile Deposit

Mobile Deposit

Making check deposits to your savings and checking accounts has never been easier or more convenient. No matter where you are, skip the trip to the credit union and deposit funds in a snap.

Just follow these simple steps:

Download, activate and sign in to our Mobile App.

Search “membersfirstga” in your device’s app store and look for Star Guy.

Select “Deposit” from the drop-down menu.

Be sure to read through the deposit instructions on the following screen.

Endorse your check.

Be sure to include “For Mobile Deposit Only to MFCU” in a blank area on the front of the check and at the top of the endorsement area on the back. Don’t forget to include your member/account number and your signature on the back of your check.

Select the account in which you’d like your check deposited.

Deposits via Mobile App can only be made to a checking or savings account and cannot be deposited directly to a loan.

Select the type of check you are depositing and enter the amount of your check.

If the check is from a friend or relative, it’s likely a personal check.
Refunds, payroll and other checks will likely be business checks.

Select “Take Picture”.

Make sure you have enough light and your check is against a dark background.

Ready? Set? SNAP!

Ensure all four corners of your check are within the screen. When you’re ready to take the photo, just tap the screen. Save your image by selecting “USE.” If your check appears blurry or out of the frame, just select “Retake” and try again. Repeat this process with the back of your check.

Review and Deposit!

Review the images you’ve taken and select “Deposit.” A member advisor will review your deposit and notify you when your funds will be available. Skip the Trip and Simplify your Finances with Mobile Deposit. If you have questions or want to be enrolled, call (404) 978-0080 or drop by one of
our locations.