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Membership Overview

If you’re thinking of joining MembersFirst Credit Union, you may already be familiar with the benefits a credit union provides over a bank or other type of financial institution. These not-for-profit cooperatives exist solely to provide services to the member-owners who save and borrow there. You are called a “member-owner” when you join because you, the member, are part-owner of the credit union!

MembersFirst Credit Union provides member-owners with a complete suite of financial services in a friendly, professional and welcoming environment. We strive to meet our members’ needs at all stages of life, from first mortgages to Visa Cards to retirement funds. Our 24/7 account access through Online Banking, Automated Telephone Banking, and thousands of ATMs worldwide ensure banking flexibility to fit our members’ varied schedules and lifestyles.

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Become a Member

To become a member of MembersFirst Credit Union, simply open a Membership Savings account with $5.00. There is no membership fee. Your $5 deposit establishes your membership with the credit union and remains on deposit as long as you are a member. One of the best things about being a credit union member is that once you become a member, you remain a member for life regardless of where you live or work in the future.

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Since 1953, MembersFirst Credit Union has served a diverse group of professionals in the Healthcare and Education fields. With the constant changes in the financial marketplace, we meet individuals seeking affordable and fair financial services with an institution they can trust. In a carefully considered response to these needs, we have strategically expanded our field of membership to include the residents and individuals that work in the communities where we have our branches. If you or a family member works for, lives in or is a member of one of these groups or communities, you are eligible to join MembersFirst Credit Union.

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Member Perks

Our focus is complete financial wellness for our members. That means we want to help our members achieve savings in every area. Through our affiliations with various groups, we offer our members special discounts and perks.

Love My Credit Union RewardsThis includes discounts on TurboTax, TruStage and more. Visit and you can take advantage of all the discounts available.

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