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Overspending during the holidays is easy…and even easier when online retailers deploy every tactic to get your attention. Here are 8 ways online retailers push us to overspend.

Infographic listing 8 ways online retailers push you to overspend online

1. They offer free shipping… with a minimum purchase.
When retailers offer to sponsor shipping costs if you spend $50, they lure you into spending more.

2.  They make it super-easy to check out.
Websites make their checkout process ridiculously easy to keep you from overthinking your purchases and opting out.

3.  They offer spending-based discounts.
Conditional discounts manipulate you into spending more just to qualify.

4.  They constantly change their prices.
This prompts you to buy with a sense of urgency, thinking the price will rise again.

5.  They use anchor pricing.
Retailers place items with inflated price tags near the one you’re looking at to make your desired item look like a better deal.

6.  Their ads stalk you.
Online retailers target you with ads based on your search history.

7.  They have lenient return policies.
You’re more likely to buy something online if you can easily send it back to the store.

8.  They stay in touch.
When retailers send you daily emails, they get your attention–and your money.

We suggest setting a budget and sticking to it! Keep your end goal in mind. You might be less likely to spend more impulsively when you know it may take away from your goal. Also, don’t save your card information on retailer websites. Not only does this help protect your personal information, it adds a step between ‘add to cart’ and ‘check out’ that just might deter you from spending unnecessarily.

Another great way to protect your personal information and add another step to the purchasing thought process is to use the Remote Control Debit Card feature in your mobile app. This allows you to turn access to your card(s) on and off on demand.

Leave us some thoughts below on how you avoid allowing retailers to push you to overspend online.