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Think you can complete our financial glossary crossword?  Challenge yourself and a friend to see who can complete the crossword the quickest.  If you get stuck, answers are below.  Good luck!

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2. Borrowed money that is repaid over time, with interest.

Answer: Loan

7. A loan that is used to buy a house.

Answer: Mortgage

8. The failure to pay a loan or another agreement.
Answer: Default

9. Interest earned on both an investment’s principal and the interest that it’s earned since the initial deposit.

Answer: Compound interest

10. An asset or share that’s purchased with the intent of earning money, such as real estate or a share of a company.

Answer: Investment

13. The fee for borrowing money from a lender.

Answer: Interest

15. The borrowing of money up to a pre-set amount, often done using a card.

Answer: Credit


1. A monthly spending plan where every dollar has a home.

Answer: Budget

2. The ease with which an investment can be converted into cash.

Answer: Liquidity

3. The cost of credit on a yearly basis, expressed as a percentage.

Answer: APR

4. When an asset loses some of its value over time.

Answer: Depreciation

5. An item with economic value, such as stock or real estate.

Answer: Asset

6. A retirement account offering tax-free contributions.

Answer: IRA

11. The ownership of an investment or asset, such as a stock, bond, land or house.

Answer: Equity

12. Money that is owed to a person, lender or institution.

Answer: Debt

14. Ownership in a company that is sold to raise money.

Answer: Stock

Crossword with Answers

Financial Glossary Crossword with Answers