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Member Perks

There are more reasons than ever to love being a member of MembersFirst Credit Union.

Your credit union membership is about the trust and care of community, built around where you live, work and play. That’s why your Credit Union membership saves you money through exclusive member-only offers through our trusted partners. Through Love My Credit Union Rewards, credit union member have saved over $2 billion with offers like:

Tax Services

Your credit union membership also saves you up to $15 on TurboTax federal products.  New H&R Block clients can save $25 and returning clients will receive the Tax Identity Shield® add-on.

TruStage Products

Home and Auto Insurance Program – Protecting your car and home shouldn’t cost you a bundle. MembersFirst Credit Union members can save big with an exclusive discount from the Program.

AD&D Insurance

Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance is available just because you are a member. The credit union-sponsored AD&D coverage provides your family members up to $2000 in the case of Accidental Death or Dismemberment. You can get extra coverage if you pay into the policy.

Term & Whole Life Insurance

Term and Whole life Insurance – find affordable Term and Whole Life policies to fit your budget. Call and speak with an agent today 1-855-268-4814.


Whole Home Protection for Less – Save big on SimpliSafe, the #1 expert pick for home security. It’s reliable protection for your whole home, with 24/7 professional monitoring and 3.5x faster dispatch. All at fair prices. With no contract. Members get a free home security camera plus 2 free months of 24/7 professional monitoring ($150 value) with the purchase of a new SimpliSafe security system.

PLEASE NOTE: For questions regarding these services, please visit Learn all about how your MembersFirst Credit Union membership gets you all these exclusive savings and more at Check them out and start enjoying credit union member benefits you never knew you had.